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RI Grows Mailer - Light Pollution

Myth: Extra light bothering neighbors

RI Grows: Blackout screens to capture over 99% of light

Keeping curtains like these completely closed cause problems with heat and humidity.

One solution is “gapping,” or opening the curtain a small amount (5% to 10%) to vent the heat and humidity. Most rules, such as those that have been in effect in the Netherlands for a decade, allow a few hours of gapping during the night. Leamington’s new bylaw allows for 10% gapping between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m., however, the Kingsville bylaw, unfortunately, doesn’t allow any gapping. The photo shows two Dutch greenhouses—one with the light-abatement curtains fully closed, and one with a curtain gapped open 10%. The fabric used is Svensson’s Obscura.


Will RI Grows support a “Dark Sky” ordinance requiring curtains to be fully closed? Who will enforce compliance? Simply having the curtains does not ensure that they will be used.

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