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RI Grows Mailer - Cannabis

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Myth: Growing cannabis

RI Grows: We are only growing beefsteak tomatoes

Of course RI Grows is not growing cannabis; except for a limited number of small scale operations, it’s not legal in Rhode Island.

The issue is more of a “what if it was legal to grow in RI?”. By having a partnership with Mastronardi Produce who have more than dabbled in cannabis ventures, it’s a completely legitimate question to raise.

"This licence is a monumental achievement for PharmHouse, a joint venture that I believe represents the future of cannabis production, distribution, and technological innovation," said Paul Mastronardi, CEO of Mastronardi Produce Limited and, in his personal capacity, the largest individual shareholder in the PharmHouse joint venture. "We look forward to continuing to lend our proven operational, marketing, and distribution expertise to PharmHouse, and collaborating with Canopy Rivers to continue building our planned global cannabis platform.


Greenhouses converting from vegetable production to cannabis production is not unheard of.

An increasing number of vegetable growers are making the switch to growing marijuana, since the medical (and sometimes recreational) was legalized in countries around the world. Some growers have even emptied all their greenhouses of tomatoes and cucumbers in favor of cannabis.


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