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Michigan farmworkers allege pay shortfalls , chemical exposure in federal suit

"These were conditions that many of their coworkers around them were also suffering from in the greenhouse. Instead of offering them medical treatment ... Mastronardi and Maroa would send them home if they couldn't continue to work and not be paid," she said.
Galendez said the workers also went several months without being paid bonuses they had earned.
The three "were recruited on promises that they would receive good pay and be able to earn bonuses ... and then got there to realize that they could never earn the bonuses they were promised," she said.
Audra Mcintyre, a spokesperson for Mastronardi, declined to comment on the suit Wednesday.
Mastronardi and its subsidiaries have faced other wage complaints. In 2021, a greenhouse in Maine operated by Backyard Farms LLC was ordered by the U.S. Labor Department to pay $245,351 in back wages for 117 employees.


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